Mandatory emission stickers for vehicles in Spain

Mandatory emission stickers

Mandatory emission stickers for vehicles in Spain

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As you will have seen in the news, from January 2023 Spain is beginning to introduce mandatory emission stickers to be placed on every car windscreen that is Spanish registered. (It is already a mandatory requirement in some cities).

On January 1st, the new Law on Climate Change came into force, which will oblige municipalities of more than 50,000 inhabitants to prevent access to the city centre for the most polluting vehicles.

Cities in the province of Alicante with these restrictions will be: Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja,Orihuela, Benidorm, Alcoy, San Vicente del Raspeig and Elda.

What kinds of emission stickers are?

Cars with no sticker (A): they are the most harmed by this law. Vehicles registered before 2001, which will not be able to circulate in the areas bounded by the municipalities. 

Yellow sticker (B): petrol passenger cars and light vans registered from January 2000, or diesel from January 2006. Cars with B stickers can access restricted areas but not park inside them. 

mandatory emission stickers
mandatory emission stickers

Green Sticker (C ) : petrol passenger cars and light vans registered from January 2006, or diesel from January 2014. These cars may circulate in any zone.

Blue sticker (0 emissions): battery electric cars, extended range electric, plug-in hybrid electric cars with a 40 km range or fuel cell vehicles.

Blue & green sticker (ECO): hybrid or natural gas vehicles.

Is your car in our parking facilities?

We can now provide this service for you for your next trip to Spain, our fee is 20€ and includes all of the administration associated with obtaining the sticker and of course placing it on your windscreen!

If you would like for us to do this on your behalf, you can add the request on your online dashboard or email us with your car details.

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