The 5 best places to visit in Mallorca

Holidays in Mallorca

Are you thinking about spending your next holidays in Mallorca? There are many fascinating places you’ll regret not visiting, so don’t miss our 5 best places to visit in Mallorca.

The beautiful Balearic island of Palma in the Mediterranean sea, known for its beach resorts, nightlife, coves, limestone mountains and roman remains, offers the ideal setting for a diversified holiday for everyone. With an average temperature of 18 degrees celsius throughout the year the climate is suitable for most activities. 

The 5 places you’ll regret not visiting in Mallorca

Serra de Tramuntana


On the northern backbone of Mallorca, you find the Serra de Tramuntana mountains stretching from the island’s southwest side to the northeastern side. With its almost 90 kilometre length and the “Puig Major” peak the mountain chain made UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2011. The landscape is dominated by ancient dry stone and olive trees and offers everything from small villages to explore, restaurants and hiking trails fit for everyone.

Cap de Formentor

best places to visit in Mallorca

An indispensable visit in Mallorca! This picture postcard scenery towers at the Northern tip of Mallorca. Nicknamed the ‘meeting point of the winds’ the 20-kilometre-long peninsula is host to the clash of winds from The Iberian Peninsula, The Alps, the Atlantic Ocean and Northern Africa. You can experience breathtaking hiking trails, caves, beaches and its main attraction; the 22 metre high, white, lighthouse built in 1857 and affectionately named “lands end of Mallorca” by the locals. Only accessible by car, the peninsula offers spectacular views that are sure to be a story to give an account of when you get back home. 

Drach Caves

drach caves

On the eastern part of Mallorca lies the 4 great Drach Caves. 25 metres deep and extending 1200 metres the caves offers a spectacular experience. In the depths of the cave lies lake Martel, one of the world’s largest underground lakes. Take a boat ride across the lake and experience a violin and cello concert beautifully working with the echoes of the cave to deliver a spectacular musical performance. Rare to such caves, you are allowed to take pictures and videos so there is no excuse not to perpetuate the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites of the cave.

The Alcudia


Alcudia is the ancient capital of Mallorca, a beautiful coastal town to get lost in its streets full of history and culture. Its historic centre, its beaches, its port… There are many places to visit here. Every Tuesday and Sunday the Alcudia market attracts many visitors interested in buying local products, souvenirs, clothes and accessories. To discover the city from the heights enjoying the views, it is advisable to climb the wall.

Es Trenc Beach

es trenc

On the southern coast of Mallorca, you find the most beautiful beach in Europe. With its white fine sand and turquoise shade water, the over 2 kilometre long beach is known as “mini-Caribbean”. Considered a natural park, the beach’s wild, beautiful nature is undisturbed by the busy lives of hotels, and with its shallow waters, it makes for the perfect escape for families with children and anyone else who enjoys a slow-paced environment. 

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