5 tips to save fuel during your trip

tips to save fuel

Efficient driving to save fuel

Don’t let the current price of the fuel spoil your trip! During 2022 fuel prices in Europe increased to levels never seen before, and this year prices will continue to rise. Spain was one of the countries where the most noticeable increase in the price per litre, therefore, today we want to give you 5 Tips To Save Fuel During Your Trip, so that you do not spend more than necessary in your holiday.

5 Tips To Save Fuel During Your Trip

Tips to save fuel during your holiday

We usually check this, but if you have a long-term rental, we recommend checking the wheels and and setting the pressure indicated by the brand, and if it is cold or the car is very loaded, a little more.

Ventilate the car well before using it, and try that the temperature difference does not exceed 5º with the outside. On many occasions abuse of air conditioning makes the car spend more than necessary. It is not a question of not using it, but of consuming as little as possible.

Constantly accelerating and braking makes it more spent. Also, driving at more than 120 kilometres per hour can increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle by around 30%.

Even if we think it’s a shortstop, to keep the engine running keeps it consuming without need.

Drive at low revolutions when possible.

It will avoid deviations along the way. Having the route well planned before starting the roadtrip will be another key point to save fuel.

Car rental in Spain

With these tips, you won’t spend more fuel than necessary during your vacation, so it won’t affect your pocket. Check out the new vehicles in our fleet and choose the ideal car for your next holiday.

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