3 types of parking in Alicante city

3 types of parking in Alicante city

Parking zones in Alicante

Is Alicante one of your next destinations? Parking is not an easy task in this city, and if you don’t do it correctly you may get a traffic fine. Because vacations are nothing to worry about, today we explain the 3 types of parking in Alicante.

White parking area

If you find a place in this area, don’t move the car! It’s free to leave it there. But for this reason it is very difficult to find parking in these areas, since either they are used by tourists that don’t move the car during their holidays, or workers from the nearby streets that leave the vehicle all day.

Blue parking area

it is a payment zone. You will have to pay a ticket every two hours, but it’s not expensive.  The maximum ticket costs €1.80 to park for 2 hours.

To avoid having to go to the payment machine several times a day , you can pay with the MOVILTIK mobile app. In the end, parking in this zone is cheaper than using private parking.

Orange parking area

This area is only for residents, but anyone can park their car for a maximum of one hour by paying the corresponding ticket.

types of parking in Alicante

Private parking in Alicante

If you don’t want to park your car on the street and look for a more comfortable and safe option, the city of Alicante is full of private car parks, especially in the city centre. and leaving the car a full day can cost between 16€ and 20€. 

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